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 MERCH25  25% off  EVERYTHING  🎉 | Ends May 21st.

The Anti-Spill Mug


  • Elevate your daily beverage experience with Merchlist’s Custom Printed Anti-Spill Mug, the ultimate solution for on-the-go drinking without the worry of spills or leaks.
  • This innovative 350ml double-wall mug is ingeniously designed with a sturdy ABS exterior and a durable 304 stainless steel interior, ensuring your drinks maintain their temperature, whether hot or cold.
  • The BPA-free, Never Fall technology makes this mug a standout choice for those who lead a dynamic lifestyle, offering peace of mind with its leak-proof design.
  • Perfect for busy professionals, commuters, or outdoor enthusiasts, this mug is not only practical but also fully customizable, allowing you to showcase your brand or personal style with precision printing.
  • Choose Merchlist for your Custom Printed Anti-Spill Mug and enjoy a blend of functionality, style, and brand visibility, all in one premium drinkware solution.
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Introducing the Custom Printed Anti-Spill Mug by Merchlist, a revolutionary drinkware solution that combines cutting-edge design with practical functionality, tailored for the modern, on-the-go lifestyle. This meticulously crafted mug is designed to cater to both hot and cold beverage enthusiasts who value convenience, style, and sustainability.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Capacity: With a 350ml volume, this double-wall mug is perfectly sized to hold your favorite beverages, from morning coffees to evening teas, ensuring your drink stays at the ideal temperature for longer.
  • Premium Materials: The exterior of the mug is made from durable ABS, known for its strength and resilience, while the interior boasts 304 stainless steel, renowned for its corrosion resistance and easy maintenance. This combination not only ensures longevity but also maintains the purity of your drink’s flavor.
  • Innovative Design: The BPA-free, Never Fall technology sets this mug apart. Designed to prevent spills and leaks, it offers a secure drinking experience, whether you’re at your desk, in your car, or exploring the great outdoors. This leak-proof feature, combined with its anti-spill design, makes it an indispensable companion for busy professionals, parents, and adventurers alike.
  • Customization Options: Merchlist takes personalization to the next level, offering custom printing options that allow you to brand the mug with your logo, slogan, or any design of your choosing. This feature makes the anti-spill mug an excellent promotional item, corporate gift, or personalized accessory for your daily routine.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: By choosing this reusable and durable mug, you’re making an environmentally conscious decision. Reducing the need for disposable cups, it aligns with eco-friendly practices, promoting sustainability while offering a stylish solution to your beverage needs.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a wide range of settings, from office environments and remote workspaces to outdoor adventures and daily commutes. Its robust construction and thermal properties make it suitable for all seasons, ensuring your beverages stay hot or cold, just the way you like them.

The Custom Printed Anti-Spill Mug by Merchlist is not just a mug; it’s a statement of innovation, style, and environmental responsibility. It represents a blend of technology and design, offering a leak-proof, spill-resistant way to enjoy your beverages, all while keeping your brand in the spotlight. Whether you’re looking to enhance your personal drinkware collection or searching for unique promotional items that stand out, choose Merchlist for a solution that combines functionality with customizable flair.

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