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Bamboo Metal Keychain


  • Display your eco-conscious values with our Custom Bamboo Metal Keychain, a perfect blend of style and sustainability.
  • This round-shaped eco-friendly keychain showcases a resilient metal ring attached to a bamboo centrepiece, serving as an ideal canvas for your custom logo, design, or name via high-quality print or detailed laser engraving.
  • Ideal for branded corporate giveaways or personal mementos, this keychain combines natural aesthetics, functionality, and the power of personalization in a compact, Earth-friendly package.
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Custom Bamboo Metal Keychain

  • Experience the perfect blend of sustainability and style with our Custom Eco-friendly Bamboo Metal Keychains. Crafted with responsibility, these keychains boast a round design, integrating high-quality metal and renewable bamboo to deliver a product that’s as eco-conscious as it is elegant.
  • The custom round bamboo centrepiece is not just a statement of eco-friendliness, but also a versatile canvas for your creative expressions. Customize this charming keychain with your logo, name, or custom design, and watch as it takes life in high-resolution print or detailed laser engraving. Whether you’re promoting a brand or creating personalized keepsakes, these keychains ensure your design is front and center.
  • The resilient metal ring ensures that your keys remain securely attached, offering both function and aesthetic appeal. The bamboo element adds a touch of warmth and natural beauty, with unique grain patterns that make each piece a one-of-a-kind accessory. The laser engraving or print won’t fade over time, ensuring your message continues to shine bright even with regular use.
  • Our Custom Eco-friendly Bamboo Metal Keychains are more than just a utility accessory – they are a symbol of your commitment to the environment. Perfect for corporate giveaways, promotional events, or personal gifts, these keychains combine sustainability, functionality, and style in one compact package.
  • Turn heads and make a difference with your marketing efforts. Choose our Custom Eco-friendly Bamboo Metal Keychains for a promotional item that doesn’t compromise on your eco-values or your desire for quality and design.


  • Round bamboo Key-chain with a Shiny chrome finish.
  • Can be branded on one side.
  • Size: 50 x 28 mm ( Base )

Additional information
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm

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