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Eco-friendly Coffee Pen


  • Presenting the Custom Eco-friendly Coffee Pen, a uniquely crafted writing instrument made from repurposed coffee beans, combining sustainability and sophistication in equal measure.
  • Each custom recycled coffee pen exudes an earthy color and subtle coffee aroma, enhancing its appeal and providing an intriguing tactile experience.
  • Made from recycled coffee grounds, these pens are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic pens.
  • With our custom engraving or printing options, this standout pen can proudly bear your company logo or design, reinforcing your brand’s commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.
  • Whether for corporate gifting or promotional purposes, this pen makes a memorable statement, aligning every written word with your organization’s sustainable ethos.
Est. delivery: Tuesday, Apr 16th

Custom Eco-friendly Coffee Pen

  • Introduce a unique and sustainable flair to your promotional efforts with our Custom Eco-friendly Coffee Pen, ingeniously crafted from repurposed and recycled coffee beans.
  • This distinctive recycled pen is not only an excellent writing tool but also a powerful statement of environmental responsibility and innovative design.
  • The Coffee Pen’s body is composed of a composite material made primarily from discarded coffee beans, ensuring that each pen has an appealing, earthy color and a slight, captivating aroma of coffee.
  • Its robust construction offers an enjoyable writing experience that combines comfort, smooth ink flow, and a striking design that truly stands out.
  • With our custom engraving or printing services, you can enhance this unique pen with your company logo or a design of your choosing.
  • This makes the Coffee Pen an outstanding promotional item or corporate gift, showcasing your brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.
  • Its distinctive look and eco-friendly credentials are sure to impress clients and colleagues alike, making every note and signature an affirmation of your company’s sustainable ethos.


  • Made from recycled coffee grounds
  • Customizable with your logo or design
  • Smooth writing experience
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly alternative to plastic pens


  • Promote your brand in an eco-friendly way
  • Stand out from the crowd with a unique and sustainable promotional item
  • Show your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • Support the circular economy by using recycled materials
  • Enjoy a smooth writing experience with a high-quality pen
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