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Bamboo Pop Socket


  • Experience a blend of convenience and eco-friendly design with our Custom Bamboo Pop Sockets for all phone models.
  • Crafted from sustainable bamboo, these pop sockets ensure a reliable grip and a perfect stand for your device while emphasizing environmental consciousness.
  • Simply use the strong 3M® adhesive tape to stick this custom bamboo pop socket on your phone to use as a phone holder, phone stand and a grip with height adjustment feature.
  • They can be custom printed with your design or company logo, transforming them into a walking advertisement for your brand.
  • Upgrade your phone accessory with our Custom Bamboo Pop Sockets, the perfect synergy of practicality, sustainability, and brand visibility.
Est. delivery: Tuesday, Apr 16th

Custom Bamboo Pop Socket

  • Introducing our Custom Bamboo Pop Sockets, the ideal blend of practicality and sustainability, designed to fit all phone models. These innovative accessories are made from eco-friendly bamboo, a renewable and biodegradable material, ensuring you’re making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the convenience they offer.
  • Each personalised pop socket extends and collapses smoothly, providing an enhanced grip on your device for secure handling and a useful stand for hands-free viewing.
  • Whether you’re texting, taking pictures, or watching videos, these pop sockets elevate your device usage experience with their user-friendly design and lightweight construction.
  • What truly sets these pop sockets apart is their customizable feature. They can be custom printed with your design or company logo, creating a unique and visually appealing accessory that simultaneously serves as an effective marketing tool.
  • You can use these customized pop sockets as corporate giveaways, promotional items, or employee gifts, thus broadening your brand’s reach each time a phone is in use.
  • Invest in our Custom Bamboo Pop Sockets, the perfect fusion of style, functionality, and environmental responsibility. Elevate your brand while making an eco-friendly choice.


  • Secure grip
  • Stand function
  • Customizable with your design or logo
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Improved phone handling: The pop socket allows for a more comfortable and secure grip on your phone, reducing the risk of dropping it.
  • Convenient stand: It provides a convenient way to prop up your phone, making it easier to watch videos, take selfies, or video chat.
  • Brand visibility: By customizing the pop socket with your branding, it serves as a constant reminder of your company or organization whenever it is used.
  • Eco-friendly option: The bamboo printing adds a natural and sustainable touch to the pop socket, appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers.
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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm

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